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From the moment, she announced her arrival to the world by winning Gladrags Super Model- title, this dusky Bengali beauty has been making a steady upward march in the glamour world. From ramp-walks to music videos to item numbers to solo-heroine-roles- Koena is pushing the right buttons and making the right moves. If her sensuous gyrations in the Musafir- item number Saaqi Saaqi earlier made the audience swoon, then MMS clip featuring her wet embrace with Fardeen Khan from Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena is now making hot news. I managed to catch hold of her for a telephonic interview and after a hesitant start, she opened out for a candid chat. Here are the excerpts:

What is the difference between Pre-Gladrags Koena and Post-Gladrags Koena?

Before the Gladrags-success, I was just a Kolkata-based simple Bengali girl, who was trained in dancing. My family is heavily into arts and dance but had nothing to do with glamour and showbiz. Once I won the event, I had my first taste of glamour and glitz but at core I remain the same old Koena.

Was it a culture-shock when you shifted base to Mumbai?

No, actually I was quite prepared for the changes in my environment and attitude of people in Mumbai but perhaps my parents took a while to get used to these changes.

From modeling to music videos, how did it happen?

The Gladrags-success brought in every possible offer almost overnight. From the very beginning, I didn’t want to just limit myself to ramp-walks and ventured into ad-campaigns and music videos.

How did Ram Gopal Verma pick you for the item-song in Road?

He saw one of my music videos and called me to that item-song. That time I wasn’t even keen on joining Bollywood and I had no clue about the item-numbers!


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