Author: Dr. Mandar V. Bichu

Year: 2017
Director: Raja Krishna Menon
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Janakiraman, Svar Kamble, Milind Soman

In 2016,writer- director Raja Krishna Menon gave us a well-made blockbuster Airlift. Now he dishes out Chef, an official adaptation of Jon Favreau’s well-received Hollywood film by the same name. How does the experiment work out?

What’s the plot?

A Michelin-star chef (Saif Ali Khan) in New York cannot take his food’s criticism from a customer and ends up punching him. Fired from his job, he returns to Kochi to stay for a few days with his estranged wife and teenage son (Svar Kamble). His wife’s friend (Milind Soman) then suggests him to try his hand at a food-truck venture. Reluctantly he decides to take a plunge. Unknowingly he has found the recipe to rekindle passion for his profession and rediscover his family ties!

What’s hot?

·       Raja Krishna Menon adapts the original American story quite well to give a perfect Indian touch.

·       He tenderly captures the father-son bonding movements and the sweet chemistry between the estranged couple.

·       Kochi provides a nice setting.

·       Playing members of a disturbed family unit, Saif Ali Khan, Svar Kamble and Padmapriya, all are likeable and believable.

·       The supporting cast is good.

What’s not?

·       The film lacks pace and emotional force to keep the viewers riveted.

·       Loose ends in plotline and characterization.


Serving a light-hearted tale of self-discovery and redemption, Chef tries hard to please and dishes out a sweet mushy fare. It is palatable alright but the secret spice to make it into a delicious treat is missing!


2.5 stars

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