Author: Dr. Mandar ---

Year: 2015
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran, Tabu, Rajat Kapoor

Ajay Devgn’s latest Hindi flick is inspired by Jeethu Joseph’s story that earlier formed the basis of successful Malyalam and Tamil films. Does this Nishikant Kamat-directed suspense drama have enough to keep you riveted?

What’s the plot?

It starts as a story of a common man (Ajay Devgn), an orphan who has not even passed 4th grade in school. An upright, well-liked individual, he spends most of his time watching Bollywood thrillers, while running a modest cable TV business in a sleepy town in Goa. His wife (Shriya Saran) and two school-going daughters constitute his little world. That idyllic world is violently shaken when his elder daughter inadvertently ends up killing a brash rich young guy, who is trying to blackmail her. Pushed to the wall, the father devises an elaborate cover-up plan.

Declared as missing, the victim is no less than the state police chief’s (Tabu) only son. The entire police machinery is now trying to solve this case of the mysterious disappearance. Will the cops be able to see through the cover-up? Will they manage to prove the well-hidden crime to put the guilty behind bars?

What’s hot?

·        From the time the murder takes place on screen, it becomes a gripping, intelligent and suspenseful film that keeps you guessing till the end.

·        Tabu, Rajat Kapoor and Ajay Devgn deliver convincing performances.

·        The supporting cast is mostly good.

What’s not?

·        The plot has many holes and it is too far-fetched to stand logical scrutiny!

·        The first half an hour is laborious.

·        The family members (Shriya Saran and the young girls playing the man’s daughters) are the weak links in acting department. Better casting there would have made the film more interesting.

·        The final conclusion may not please many people.


For all its limitations, Drishyam is an extremely watchable thriller that keeps you on the edge of the seat till the very end. Tighter first half and better cast would have made it edgier.


3 stars

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