Author: Dr. Mandar ---

Year: 2015
Director: Vikramjit Singh
Cast: Arjun Rampal, Ranbir Kapoor, Jaqueline Fernandez

During my fairly long stint as a reviewer I have come across many an atrocious music album and many a horrible movie. Instead of taking the easy option of switching off or walking off midway, I have almost always willed myself to go through that musical or movie experience in entirety; just to be sure that I have not been too hasty to write that thing off!

But movies like Roy are exceptions to that fair-play rule. What should I say about writer-director Vikramjit Singh’s excruciating tale? From whatever I saw and understood, it was a story about a commercially successful film director (Arjun Rampal) facing a creativity block; his romantic encounter with a critically acclaimed nerdy documentary-maker (Jaqueline Fernandez) and his musings about the new film’s protagonists- a caped thief (Ranbir Kapoor) and an art-collector (Jaqueline again!).

I patiently waited for one hour to find something of interest and finally decided enough was enough. The befuddling ‘film within film’ plot moved in circles and that too, at a snail’s pace. The catchy songs and stylish visuals made no difference to the proceedings. The actors seemed as confused as the audience.

Roy is a colossal waste of talent and time. They are marketing as a romantic thriller but there is no romance and no thrill. Watch it at your own peril!


1 star

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