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Author: Dr. Mandar V. Bichu

Sporting a new trim (but not yet slim!) look, Adnan Sami walks into the press conference room. This roly-poly singer-composer’s sleepy idyllic singing voice and his ability to conjure some nice tunes have already made him an international star and his astonishing victory in the battle of bulge has furthered his pop- appeal. Jovial, candid and full of self-deprecating humor, Sami proves one of the nicest celebrities to meet! Here are the excerpts from a special interview, where he discusses his new album- Kisi Din and a lot more.

There was a long gap of three years between your last album and this new one. What was the reason?
After my last album Teri Kasam, I got busy in Bollywood assignments. I also did a lot of concerts all over the globe. Then I realized that I had to seriously look after my health and that tuning up also required some serious time and efforts. Hence the delay!
So now you are looking fit and fresh. How much weight have you lost?
(Proudly smiling) 110 Kg so far! But still some way to go!
You once said that your music reflects your life. So what exactly is reflecting into your latest album?
For nine years I was away from my son. Only last September, I could meet him after waiting for so long. The intervening period was one of the darkest periods in my life, where all I could do was to keep hoping that some day it would change for the better. The album’s title ‘Kisi Din’ is almost a literal translation of that wishful ‘Some Day’!
Some albums are strong on melody, some are strong on lyrics. What is the strong point of ‘Kisi Din’?
I think the main strong point is Adnan Sami! (Laughs!) Jokes apart, I feel the album is strong on both counts. I have always believed that the greatest songs have always had greatest melodies and I have focused on finding the right melody and the right words for every song.
Every album of yours has at least one fun-song. Is there one in this album?
Yes, this time around it is ‘Salaam Aalaikum’. This popular expression can be used with different intonations and in the song, I have used it in a naughty way. The guy singing this is a lech (lecherous guy!) and he uses ‘Salaam Aalaikum’ as his pick-up line. (Smiling naughtily) But nowadays, pick-up lines don’t work- do they ever?
Your music videos have always made waves.
Teri Yaad and Kisi Din are the two videos we have made so far. Both have emotional romantic story-lines and a new- looking Adnan! The first one was shot in Mumbai and features a new face as heroine. The second one featuring Yana Gupta was picturised in Malyasia.
With India, Pakistan and Canada to call as your countries- you represent the true global citizen.
Yeah, that’s true. I have looked at myself as a nomad- a New World Gypsy following his heart’s call!
How has been the Bollywood experience? How has the music changed over the years there?
Bollywood experience has been great and I really admire talented composers like Rahman and Vishal Bharadwaj. Earlier I had composed music for Lucky and currently I am working on three other Bollywood film-soundtracks.
Today, the composers and the audiences are much more in sync with the World Music and that’s what reflects in contemporary tunes. Fusion has been around for ages in Bollywood – even the masters like Naushad, Shankar- Jaikishan, S.D. and R.D.Burman have used it in their compositions. But whereas people never noticed foreign influence in earlier times, now they immediately spot such tunes thanks to their exposure to World music. It has made plagiarism risky for current composers!
You were one of the first different voices which succeeded without conforming to the Kishore Kumar – Mohd. Rafi- standards. Your success then paved way for many such voices to make their mark in Bollywood. Comment please.
As an artiste I have always believed in individuality, rather than following blindly someone else’s popular style. I am thankful to God that people have accepted and appreciated my artistic individuality. If my success has indeed created openings for other talents, then I am really happy about it!
Before embarking on his astonishing weight-reduction spree, Adnan had the ‘last supper’ of a 32 ounce steak with mashed potatoes- loaded with gravy and some tiramasu!
His current diet consists of salads, salads and more salads! A piece of grilled fish is sometimes taken as indulgence!
He now does at least 1 & ½ hours of cardio exercises every day.
He says that he did it just to survive and live a healthy long life and rubbishes reports that contribute his weight-losing efforts to some mystery girl in his life.

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