Lafangey Parindey

Author: Dr. Mandar ---
R. Anandh
Ex- Agosh- member/ jingle-maker R. Anandh turns a new leaf to come back to Bollywood as a composer. His Rock-styled compositions and guitar-synthesizer- dominated arrangements make their mark in this Yash Raj- soundtrack and Swanand Kirkire's fitting lyrics add their own spice.
Ronit Sarkar's title- song Lafangey Parindey and Suraj Jaggan's Rang Daalein are two entertaining high-energy rock-numbers. Shail Huda and Anushka Manchanda's Dhatad Tatad is a foot-tapping if predictable street- dance-song.
The best songs of the album are two romantic tracks.Mohit Chauhan's breezy Man Lafanga and Shilpa Rao's soulful Nain Paindey are excellent. The instrumental theme Born To Fly begins intriguingly but then peters out.



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