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  •     Hollywood 2006 - The year that was
    Let’s state the obvious first. Looking back, 2006 will be remembered as a steady Hollywood year but not a spectacular one by any standards. Otherwise, this year’s output was fairly evenly balanced in terms of genres. Thrillers, super-hero flicks,...
  •     Hollywood Valentine Specials
    Since the early days of cinema, Hollywood has set standards and others have followed in its wake. So when it comes to telling love-stories- either as sugar-coated comedies or as tear-tinged tragedies, Hollywood has always excelled. Here is a selectio...
  •     Hollywood Films-Features
    Whether the constant coaxing of their chirping children forces their reluctant parents to join in the Disney Cartoon-watching- mania or whether trying to relive their carefree childhood years, parents themselves get drawn to these animated classics a...
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