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Hollywood Films - Profiles

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  •     Julie Andrews and Sound of Music
    Sound Of Music is arguably the best-loved musical of all time. Now that it is well past its fortieth anniversary, it is interesting to trace a bit of its history and see what impact it had on its star- Julie Andrews, who portrayed the central charact...
  •     Bud Spencer - Terence Hill - Buddies To Beat
    You might not have heard the names of Italian actors- Carlo Pedersoli and Mario Girotti but almost certainly you are familiar with their adopted names- Bud Spencer and Terence Hill! When it comes to ‘Buddy Movies’, one just can’t miss Bud and T...
  •     Laurel And Hardy - The Laughter Factory
    Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Or should we just call them- Stan and Ollie - the thin and fat funny men in the derby hats? Considering the fact that their best cinematic years were in the 1920s and 30s, it is strange that Laurel and Hardy- appeal has ...
  •     Charlie Chaplin- The Tramp That Became The King
    You can still see him standing- in shops and drawing rooms, exuding his innocent charm as a figurine, as a portrait, as a wall-clock. That short, stubby moustache; that sheepish, timid grin; that silly, tight suit; those loose, baggy pants; that smal...
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