King Tut’s Curse National Geographic Channel

Author: Dr. Mandar V. Bichu

Watching this fascinating National Geographic documentary is like reading a mystery novel. It shows modern science’s sincere attempt to unlock an ancient mystery associated with Egyptian King Tutankhamen’s death and tries to find a rational explanation about the so-called ‘King Tut’s Curse’- a popular belief that anyone involved in disturbing the late king’s final resting place would die an unnatural death!

After seven years of futile search, British archeologist Howard Carter finally managed to unearth the elusive tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1922 in the famed Valley Of The Kings. The discovery of the unimaginable golden riches at the site was like a scene straight out of the fabled Arabian Nights. Till then Tutankhamen was a king whose reign was all but forgotten by the history but the discovery of his mummy and his final resting chamber threw new light on his life and times. Here was a king who died at a young age of 18-19, who loved his wife dearly and who had tremendous wealth in his coffers!
For years, scientists and general public had wondered about how the king died so young and whether he was murdered. The unnatural deaths of some members of the original explorer-team soon after the discovery had fueled a legend that the King Tut’s tomb was cursed! To find scientific answers to these mysteries, National Geographic funded a mission whereby the king’s mummified body was CT-scanned for finding medical clues for his untimely death. Also physical, chemical and biological samples were taken from the burial site to see if any unknown natural dangers lurked there, which could have caused the explorers’ deaths.
What did the research reveal? Go, watch this DVD and find out for yourself!


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