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Author: Dr. Mandar ---

The dinosaurs and mammoths might have been extinct for some million years now but the general public’s fascination about these giant prehistoric creatures has remained undiminished. Spielberg’s Jurassic Park-trilogy and BBC’s TV-series-‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ have played their part in further fanning this public interest. ‘Prehistoric Park’ is sure to join these popular titles as one of the most interesting series made on these extinct animals.

This Freemantle Media- video offering is an innovative attempt to present the information about various prehistoric animals through an imaginative (and of course, imaginary!) story about constructing a current-day wild life park for such animals brought back from extinction! So famous British wild-life TV-presenter Nigel Marven takes us on various fictional tours into the Jurassic era to bring back various extinct animals like the ferocious Tyrannosaurus (T-rex), the fierce rhino-like Triceratops, the ostrich-like Ornithosaurus and the elephant-like heavy wooly mammoth! He brings them back through the time barrier and keeps them in a well-constructed, well- tended ‘Prehistoric Park’ where they will be coping up with today’s changed times and changed environment.

The clever cinematic device works well and the well-researched information about all these extinct animals comes across through some dramatic, funny and high- adrenaline stories. Technically, the series is brilliant and the on-screen recreations and replications of various prehistoric creatures are simply awesome. ‘Prehistoric Park’ provides a great insight into the habits and habitats of prehistoric animals in contemporary context and it manages to do this in an enjoyable and light-hearted manner! The DVD-extras include ‘The Making Of’ documentary, the story-boards and picture gallery.


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