Ise Na Auur Lootiye

Author: Srinivas Ganti---


Ise Na Aur Lootiye

Film: Gul Sanobar
Year: 1953
Composer: Bulo C. Rani

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"You can come to my place and stay. I will charge you one rare Lata song per night" Anant Rege said when I was planning to visit Canada to get US my visa stamped.

Although Toronto was closer, Anant's offer was irresistable So I landed at Anant's place in Ottawa and after a round of introductions and refreshments, Anant took me upstairs into a room filled with neat wooden closets. He opened one and stocked in it were dozens of tapes. He removed them one by one and his expressive eyes lit up when he saw the label "Gul Sanobar" 
on one of them.

He then picked the following song for my listening pleasure.

"ise na aur luuTiye, ye dil bahut gariib hai
nasiib se main khya kahuun, nasiib to nasiib hai"

The song starts with a fast paced prelude with the Piano being the prominent instrument. As the prelude ends, the rythm slows down slight pauses between notes creating a "suspense" filled ambience. Lata then starts with almost a hush "ise na aur luuTiye" and by the time it comes to "kya kahuun" her voice is elevated to a high pitch only to come down with "nasiib to nasiib hai". These pitch and pace undulations made the song an instant favorite.

Kaif Irfani's lyrics deserve a special mention here for fitting snugly with the ebb and flow of Bulo C. Rani's tune.

The movie has another oustanding Lata song. I will come to that some other day.

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