Baiju Mangeshkar sings a Hridaynath-Suresh Bhat ghazal

Author: Dr. Mandar V. Bichu

Composer Hridaynath Mangeshkar and poet Suresh Bhat have given us many gems in Marathi music. Hridaynath's avant-garde compositions and Bhat's exquisite Marathi ghazals have always proved to be a heady concoction. Adding to their eternal classics like Maalvoon Taak Deep, Tarun Aahe Raatra Ajuni, Sunya Sunya Maifileet Maajhyaa, Chaandnyaat Phirtaanaa and Kevhaa Tari Pahaate, comes a new song that is sure to appeal to the music-lovers.

Baiju Mangeshkar, who is Hridaynath's younger son, has sung the song 'Yaa Nadichyaa Paar Tethe', penned by the late poet and composed by the maestro. Baiju had earlier presented his Sufi compositions in an album titled 'Ya Rabba', where he was accompanied by none other than the melody queen Lata Mangeshkar.

Enjoy the song and the music video!

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