Miscellaneous - The Mukul Mehfil

Miscellaneous - The Mukul Mehfil

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  •     Inspiration Versus Plagiarism - Part 2
    In this second part of the Inspiration versus Plagiarism, Dr. Mukul Acharya discusses some 'inspired' tunes composed by Hridaynath Mangeshkar....
  •     Inspiration Versus Plagiarism – Part 1
    Of course, the consequences were not always disastrous; rather a lot of times the result was the birth of a euphonious melody, probably due to the adroit improvisation and craftiness employed by the music director involved in the process....
  •     The Grammar of Ghazal
    Ghazal is a collection of Sher's, which follow the rules of Matlaa, Maqtaa, Beher, Kaafiyaa and Radif....
  •     Ghazal - A bit of history
    The word ghazal is an Arabic word that literally means a "discourse" or more correctly a "talk to women".. ...
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